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Fessura RUNFLEX#01 Sneakers

Feel free and confident while running and walking

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Introducing RUNFLEX#01, available in white with ice details. These sneakers are the epitome of comfort and practicality: breathable fabric upper with a 3D embossed rubber texture, removable insole, rubber heel detail, and EVA outsole with two-tone rubber accents. Immerse yourself in the world of sports with comfortable sneakers from Fessura.

Product Features:

  • REFLEXSYSTEM® Technology
  • Unisex design
  • Memory foam insole
  • Great for running and everyday activity
  • "Extra bounce" formula XL EXTRALIGHT®
  • Rubber detail on the heel
  • Two-tone rubber details on the EVA sole
  • Four cushions in the outsole for even energy absorption and release
  • Removable insole
  • 3D embossed rubber texture.

Size & Fit

  • Fits small; we recommend ordering a half size up
  • Size Guide

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Overview of Fessura RUNFLEX#01 Sneakers

If you've been looking for soft, flexible, and lightweight shoes for an everyday activity or running, Fessura RUNFLEX#01 is the perfect option for you. These shoes are ideal for both running and outdoor activities. At the heart of the RUNFLEX sneakers is the innovative REFLEXSYSTEM® technology, which provides a unique running experience. The outsole of the shoes is equipped with four pads strategically placed in different areas of the foot, inspired by the principles of reflexology. These pads absorb and release energy with each step, providing a sense of propulsion and springy dynamism, making it ideal for intense walking and running activities. The XL EXTRALIGHT® formula used for bearings provides optimal shock absorption and high levels of rebound. This innovative, ultra-lightweight, flexible, shock-absorbing technology will make your walking or running experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The Fessura RUNFLEX#01 Sneakers are also designed with practicality in mind, as it is machine washable and retains their shape easily.

The white color option with ice-colored details adds a touch of sophistication to the collection. Part of the Runflex line that combines design and comfort, the RUNFLEX#01 by Fessura is the perfect expression of functional fashion. Thanks to the breathable membrane, dynamic design, and technological excellence, they are the perfect choice for running and outdoor activities.

The slogan "ENERGY IN MOTION®" succinctly captures the essence of RUNFLEX#01 sneakers, which provide a smooth running experience, reduce joint stress, increase kinetic energy, and improve muscle engagement, leading to increased performance. The foam insole has a memory effect, and the slim fit provides a comfortable and secure fit for all-day wear. 

Experience the revolutionary REFLEXSYSTEM® technology and the extraordinary flexibility of XL EXTRALIGHT® in the RUNFLEX#01. Stand out with your brilliant colors and make a unique fashion statement while enjoying the benefits of functional footwear. Choose RUNFLEX#01 Sneakers for a new running experience like never before.

Fessura RUNFLEX#01 Sneakers
Men’s/Women's Everyday Sneakers
Runs small
Lightweight breathable membrane
Sole Height:
4 cm
Memory foam

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Fessura RUNFLEX#01 sneakers true to size, or should I order a size up or down?

The Fessura RUNFLEX#01 sneakers run a bit small. We recommend ordering an extra size.

How do I care for and clean my Fessura RUNFLEX#01 sneakers?

The Fessura RUNFLEX#01 can be machine washed in a special delicate wash bag at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. Select the cold delicate cycle and use normal detergent. We recommend removing the laces and removing the insoles before washing. Do not use a tumble dryer, instead, simply shake off excess water and allow the shoes to air dry in the sun.

What makes the Fessura RUNFLEX#01 sneakers unique compared to other sneakers on the market?

The Fessura RUNFLEX#01 is a unique running and leisure shoe based on REFLEXSYSTEM® technology, which ensures even energy absorption and releases throughout the foot thanks to four specialized cushions. The four cushions form 4 zones: Understanding, the highest zone of the outsole located under the toes; Energy, located just behind the toes; Vitality, located in the arch area of the foot; and Mobility, which is located exactly on the heel. In addition, the shoe features a breathable membrane and innovative flexible, ultra-lightweight, high-rebound XL EXTRALIGHT® cushioning technology. The 3D embossed rubber texture and removable memory foam insole complete the shoe, making it ideal for even the most demanding wearers.

Are the Fessura RUNFLEX#01 sneakers suitable for both men and women?

RUNFLEX#01 is a part of the unisex collection, which means that it is designed for both men and women. Thanks to the universal design and construction, the running shoes will fit both your foot and your partner. On our website, the sneakers are presented in different sizes, so you can easily choose the right one.

Are the Fessura RUNFLEX#01 sneakers comfortable for all-day wear?

The Fessura RUNFLEX#01 sneakers are designed to provide maximum comfort during physical activities. They feature a flexible sole that adapts to the foot's shape, breathable material that promotes air circulation, and a cushioned insole that absorbs shock.

Are the Fessura RUNFLEX#01 sneakers waterproof or water-resistant?

No, unfortunately, the sneakers do not have waterproof properties.

Can I use the Fessura RUNFLEX#01 sneakers for other sports or activities besides running?

The Fessura RUNFLEX#01 sneakers are a great piece of clothing for every day. They are designed primarily for outdoor activities and running, but you can also use them for other sports and fitness activities.