Best Lightweight Running Shoes in 2023

Best Lightweight Running Shoes in 2023

Whether you are going to take part in the racing or be engaged in everyday running, it’s highly important to find the most comfortable, well-fitting, and lightweight running shoes for any activity. No doubt, a reasonable choice of footwear can make your motions more springy and free. Besides, they can help you to avoid high body strain and provide a smooth running process.  

Are you confused about the right decision and thinking: How can I find the lightest running shoes for me? Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the perfect solution. In this article, we’ll focus on the top 10 light-as-a-feather running shoes, and you’ll be able to select the best pair for you. So, scroll down and discover the most incredible option for safe and comfortable running!

Best Lightweight Running Shoes

Take a closer look at the table below and compare all light running shoes we presented for you. Pay attention to all peculiarities to be sure of your choice!

Name Weight  Characteristics
Saucony Women's Kinvara 14 For women: 6.2 oz (175.7 grams)
  • Foam cushioning structure;
  • Rubber outsole;
  • Protective foam outsole;
  • Mesh fabric material on the upper part.
Hoka One One Cavu 3 For women: 5.2 oz (147.4 grams);
For men: 6.9 oz (195.6 grams)
  • Rubber midsole;
  • Foam outsole EVA;
  • Stretch knit fabric material;
  • No-tongue.
New Balance Fuelcell Rebel V3 For woman: 5.8 oz (164 grams);
For men: 7.4 oz (209 grams)
  • Well-equipped foam material;
  • Rubberized outsole;
  • Breathable fabric material;
  • No-sew overlays, and any extra details
Altra Escalante 3 Running Shoe

For women: 7.7 oz (218.2 grams);

For men: 9 oz (255.1 grams)
  • Uniform-width rubberized outsole;
  • Ultra-wide toe;
  • Breathable fabric material;
  • Zero-drop.
Nike ZoomX Streakfly For men: 6.1 oz (172.9 grams)
  • Soft carbon rubber;
  • Foam layers of the outsole;
  • Extra-soft mesh material.
Brooks Revel 4

For women: 7.9 oz (223 grams);

For men: 8.9 oz (252.3 grams)

  • Cushing-equipped midsole area;
  • Rubber outsole;
  • Breathable material;
  • Padded tongue, heel, and collar.
Adidas AdiZero Boston 9

For women: 7.1 oz (201.2 grams);

For men: 8.6 oz (243.8 grams)

  • The layer of foam in the midsole;
  • Rubber outsole with protective socks;
  • Elastic inner construction and mesh upper part;
  • Calm color scheme and clear lines.
Mizuno Wave Inspire 19

For women: 8.6 oz (243.8 grams);

For men: 10.7 oz (303.3 grams)

  • Double foam cushioning layers;
  • Rubber outsole with flexible geometry;
  • Mesh upper part material;
  • Playful colorful design.
Nike Vaporfly Next % V2

For men: 6.9 oz (196 grams)

  • Well-cushioned with foam layers inside;
  • Multi-surface traction outside;
  • Breathable premium mesh material;
  • High-energy color palette.
Asics MetaRacer

 For men: 6.7 oz (189.9 grams)

  • Carbon plate inside the midsole area;
  • Rubberized outsole;
  • Breathable mesh material;
  • Mid-soft heel and tongue areas.

10 Best Lightweight Running Shoes 2023

Next, it’s time to analyze in detail all options of ultra light running shoes we presented in the table above. Let’s discover their advantages and other important features, and as a result, get to the top! 

Saucony Women's Kinvara 14 

Weight: 6.2 oz (W)

Saucony Women's Kinvara 14

Saucony Kinvara 14 is the best decision for those who appreciate the cozy and fresh feelings during the running process. The Saucony focused on a simple foam cushioning structure that provides a soft sensation even in off-road areas. The rubber outsole of these light running shoes provides super stability to the runner and at the same time not overweight feet. Protective foam outsole offers comfort while you are moving.

The presence of mesh fabric material allows the air to move through the running shoes freely, giving you a cool feeling and not causing unpleasant sweating even on the hottest days. So, it’s a great option for summer running. This pair of lightweight running shoes are laced, with great heel and collar for better foot stabilization. 

What about the weight of these footwear? It’s only 6.2 oz (175, 7 grams), so it’s super light!

It’s worth noting, the Saucony Kinvara 14 running footwear is partly created from recycled materials. If you are interested in this model of light running shoes, be sure that you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Hoka One One Cavu 3

Weight: 5.2 oz (W), 6.9 oz (M)

 Hoka One One Cavu 3

This pair of ultra-light running Hoka shoes is well-designed to take your first steps jogging journey and feel the satisfaction in this process. They have a great rubber midsole and foam outsole EVA, so it gives you maximum comfort and performance. 

These lightweight lacing stretch knit steps have a soft heel and no-tongue that hold your feet in the appropriate position during the running. The Hoka One One Cavu 3 are equipped with permeable fabric; they are snug, so they will stabilize your movements anyway. 

The weight of these Hoka shoes depends on the size you choose and varies from 5.2 oz (147.4 grams) to 6.9 oz (195.6 grams) weight. As you can see, they're really light running shoes. Additionally, this pair looks stylish and is designed to deliver smooth running. 

Whether you are the swift runner or "slow as a turtle" it doesn't matter, if you wear these super cozy and light running shoes!

New Balance Fuelcell Rebel V3

Weight: 5.8 oz (W), 7.4 oz (M)

New Balance Fuelcell Rebel V3

These well-cushioned lightweight New Balance running shoes will make you speedy and confident regardless of long or short running distance. Here, the manufacturer focused on the well-equipped foam material and rubberized outsole to avoid slipping during the running activity.

The upper part of this amazing couple is with no-sew overlays, and any extra details, so it can provide comfy feelings and not hurt feet. The New Balance Fuelcell Rebel V3 has breathable fabric material, and a sporty design, and the color adds visual interest. 

With this unrivaled pair, you can achieve all running goals, because they are really light and have only 5.8 oz (164 grams) for women and 7.4 oz (209 grams) for men. So, are you still looking for the best running shoes? Pay attention to these ones! 

Altra Escalante 3 Running Shoe

Weight: 7.7 oz (W), 9 oz (M).

Altra Escalante 3 Running Shoe

These light-cushioned running shoes help runners cross the finish lines with a little effort. The Altra Escalante 3 Running Shoe is engineered with a uniform-width outsole that provides flexibility and support. Thanks to the ultra-wide toe, these running shoes have enough room for the toes and are comfortable for long-running. This rubberized running footwear also provides stability during the running session. 

Designed for your ultimate comfort, this lightweight running shoe has breathable fabric material, which can ensure an optimal microclimate to keep your feet dry. This pair of steps is characterized by a zero-drop level, so promotes all-day relief and supports running performance. 

The Altra Escalante 3 Running Shoe weighs from 7.7 oz (218.2 grams) to 9 oz (255.1 grams), so your feet will thank you during the jogging. To be truly brilliant, this lightweight running shoe will provide excellent running activity and will look incredibly good on your feet. 

Nike ZoomX Streakfly 

Weight: 6 oz (M)

Nike ZoomX Streakfly

The Nike ZoomX Streakfly are super soft and flexible shoes, especially for everyday runners. By choosing this incredible pair of footwear, you’ll ensure your jogging process with maximum stability and easy motions even in adverse conditions. This sporty pair is combined with soft carbon rubber and foam layers of the outsole, that cover the distance with ease.

The upper material is extra-soft mesh, so your feet can easily breathe. 

The best part? These lightweight Nike shoes have only 6.1 oz (172.9 grams), so they bring you a great feeling while you are doing sports. 

Brooks Revel 4

Weight: 7.9 oz (W), 8.9 oz (M).

 Brooks Revel 4

The Revel 4 is one of the best options from Brooks. These great-silhouette shoes are designed for both men and women alike and provide the opportunity to run and stroll for a long time and distance without overweighting your feet.

These Brooks lightweight running shoes are cushing-equipped in the midsole area, and provide durability due to the rubber outsole. 

Talking about the upper part of these super light running shoes, it’s worth highlighting that the material is breathable, and the padded tongue, heel, and collar stabilize the movement, and make the position of the foot well-fitted. 

The weight of these footwear depends on who owns these shoes. So for men, it’s 8.9 oz (252.3 grams), and for women, it's 7.9 oz (223 grams).

In general, these Brooks light running shoes are an ideal solution to reduce leg muscle fatigue and minimize the risk of injuries!

Adidas AdiZero Boston 9

Weight: 7.1 oz (W), 8.6 oz (M)

Adidas AdiZero Boston 9

These excellent-cushioned light Adidas running shoes are created to achieve sports goals! They are simply designed and have a layer of foam in the midsole and rubber outsole with protective socks for safe running. 

The elastic inner construction and mesh upper part are a perfect match for these super light running shoes. The calm color scheme and clear lines complete the overall look of the shoes.

What’s the weight? The answer is simple — for men’s 8.6 oz (243.8 grams), for women’s 7.1 oz (201.2 grams) — it all depends on your needs. 

If you prioritize comfortable feeling and easy free motions, these light running shoes are for you!

Mizuno Wave Inspire 19

Weight: 8.6 oz (W), 10.7 oz (M)

Mizuno Wave Inspire 19

Are you a person who is searching for the best light running shoes? We can recommend the following ones. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 is a great decision for those who want to feel light on their feet. 

This footwear is characterized by double foam cushioning layers, which ensure perfect fit and support for runners. Rubber outsole with flexible geometry is ideal for the stabilization of your body. These super light running shoes are specially engineered to maintain your heel and protect your feet from injury, so it is super recommended for flat feet!

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 has mesh upper part material which gives you a dry and fresh feeling while you are running. Be sure that comfort is guaranteed!

The weight of this footwear is 8.6 oz (243.8 grams) for women and 10.7 oz (303.3 grams) for men. As a result, these ultra light running shoes with playful details bring you the win! 

Nike Vaporfly Next % V2

Weight: 6.9 oz (M)

 Nike Vaporfly Next V2

The following light Nike running shoes help you to be strong as a tree and swift as the wind during the racing. These well-cushioned footwear have foam layers inside, and multi-surface traction outside, that’s why you can wear these steps even in cold seasons! 

This laced model also offers you a soft tongue and collar, and breathable premium mesh material, that's why you can feel extra-soft and dry feelings!

Do you pay attention to the high-energy color palette? These bold colors personally touch your look!

Are you interested in the weight of these ultra light running shoes? It’s only 6.9 oz (196 grams), so it’s beautiful for everyday racing and will give revolutionary comfort!

Asics MetaRacer 

Weight:  6.7 oz (M)

Asics MetaRacer

The MetaRacer is a super popular Asics model among customers and is featured by its small weight. These lightest Asics running shoes are designed with a carbon plate inside the midsole area, an excellent-cushioned layer, and a rubberized outsole. All these equipped options will allow you to run and jump freely and fast without any motion restrictions. 

The mid-soft heel and tongue areas help stabilize the foot during jogging. The ventilation of these lightweight running shoes is super airy, because of the breathable mesh material on the upper part of footwear. 

These amazing pairs are best used for fast-paced daily running and are also great on the road, treadmill, and track. The weight might surprise you —  only 6.7 oz (189.9 grams)! Be sure, these perfect footwear will come in handy to you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s cover this part of the article, and you will gain answers you are interested in!

Are lightweight shoes good for running?

Yes! Lightwear running shoes are perfect for short-running, long-running distances, and of course, for any jogging activity. It’s all because, if you choose ultra light running shoes, you will reduce physical tension and it’ll provide a smooth functioning procedure.  

What is considered a lightweight running shoe?

Running shoes that weigh less than 10.5 oz (297.6 grams) are considered lightweight. However, the finest lightweight running shoes for this kind of sport should weigh no more than 8 oz (226.7 grams).

Do lightweight running shoes make a difference?

The primary distinction is weight. However, light running shoes can be characterized by their outsole, padding, foam layers, cushioned tongue, collar, and other characteristics. So, all of these peculiarities are determined by your level of comfort. 

Summing Up

To conclude, if we are talking about jogging, choosing lightweight running shoes is critical. It is important to use suitable footwear to reduce bodily strain and avoid injuries. Pay particular attention to the weights (they should not be more than 10.5 oz), the existence of well-equipped cushioning with foam layers, the rubberized outsole, the breathable materials, and the design you like the most.

Finally, we hope that our top 10 list of light running shoes will help you in deciding your best sports pair. But if you are still looking for the best light running shoes, we recommend browsing the Running Shoes Store and finding some alternative models of such footwear!

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